Officers Find Abandoned Baby In Dumpster

Twitter/Will Johnson

Having a baby is a massive step up in responsibility. Becoming a parent is not an easy job and it could mean making some sacrifices to ensure bills are paid and the necessities are covered for the child. Most are happy to welcome a new bundle of joy into their home, however, there are instances that some parents deliver a child to be adopted to a family that may not be able to have children.

Whatever the case may be for a couple’s situation, it’s a decision that can’t be taken lightly. What should never be the case is to abandon a newborn whether to leave it out to die or simply hope that someone would discover the child later on. For one little baby boy, the mother left the child in a suitcase near a dumpster.


It’s certainly a sad image to see, but the baby was rescued and taken to a hospital. The baby boy was named Jason and since his stay at the hospital, his vital signs returned to normal. In fact, the baby is doing rather well and would find his way into a foster care system while he waits for a family to adopt him.

Twitter/Will Johnson

During his stay at the hospital, the local police department decided to throw a baby shower and deliver him some goods. Things may have turned out okay for Jason but we can’t say the same for his parents. We’re not sure just what the reason behind the child being abandoned but the local police department has been investigating the area in hopes of finding the mother.

Officers Find Abandoned Baby In Dumpster.

Arlington Police Department

Posted by Untold Stories on Friday, January 17, 2020
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