Officers Rescue Two Pit Bulls After One Was Struck By A Car

Most of us already have a preconceived notion about pit bulls. They are often on the news for attacks and fights that break out between various other dogs. However, there are some that don’t look at the dogs any differently. When two strays were noticed outside, a bystander called to 911 to receive help.

When two officers showed up, the found not vicious animals but two loving and caring dogs. One dog was even hit by a car and was badly injured. Staying by the pup’s side was the other pit bull. Afraid of the officers, they slowly warmed up to them which was encouraged after being presented with some tasty snacks. 

Still, it was quite the sight to see the dog in pain so the officers made a call to animal services. They stayed with the dogs until help arrived and took both dogs. After some surgery, the dog that was hit by a car made a full recovery. Hearing the news, both officers went over to the shelter to see the dogs again.

Neither dog forgot the officers and was ready to play and greet their heroes. Now both dogs were being welcomed to the shelter where they have made plenty of new friends as they wait to find them forever homes. It goes to show that sometimes we should drop the preconceived notions we have tucked inside. For two dogs of a breed that most display as extremely dangerous, the pups were happy, playful and was eager to meet new friends.

Deputies check up on Liberty and Justice

"PUPDATE"!!!!It was one week ago, Deputy Reed and Deputy Boggs helped calm and comfort two very sweet, scared pit bulls (one injured) that were found wandering in a dangerous high-traffic intersection. The dogs were taken to Orange County Animal Services where they were promptly named Liberty and Justice and are now up for adoption. Here's a short video from Animal Services of our Sector 4 deputies checking up on the pups, who are full of personality. We want Justice (A362290) and Liberty (A362289) to find a forever home. Hopefully together. Please adopt them.The deputies are spoken for :)Please go to this link: for more information on Liberty and Justice.

Posted by Orange County Sheriff's Office, Florida on Thursday, November 3, 2016

Source: Inspire More

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