Photo Captures Moment Newborn Smiles At Father When He Speaks To Child

There’s a real joy when you become a parent. They say it’s an instant connection and love which one photo clearly captures. After Flavio Dantas finally gets a chance to see his little girl, a precious moment was caught as little Antonella looked up and gave her father a bit smile. To Flavio, it was due to all the times he spent talking with his baby while she was still in the womb.

Flavio and his wife Tarsila were overjoyed to learn they were going to be parents to a baby girl. As a result, Flavio would consistently talk to his baby girl when he got up in the morning and also when he returned home from work. Antonella wasn’t born yet, but she knew her father’s voice. 

When it came time to deliver Antonella, the father was standing next to Tarsila providing support. Once born, the doctors were able to rest the child on top of the mother where a sleepy baby began to rest. However, it was only until Flavio leaned in and spoke to the daughter that Antonella perked up and gave a big smile.

This moment was so precious as everyone couldn’t keep from smiling in the photo. It may prove that already Antonella is a daddy’s girl. Luckily, a photo was captured showing the exact moment that the baby was smiling at her father. This photo was later posted online through Instagram and immediately went viral.

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Quando vi minha família pela primeira vez ❤️🥰

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