Single Dad Is Livid When Neighbor Makes Weird Comments About His Parenting


I’m a single father raising my daughter. I have a girlfriend but she does not live with us and my daughter does not call her mommy. I’ve had custody of my daughter since she was 3 months old. She is 8 now.

One day my daughter and I were sitting outside of our apartment (second floor) loading her water gun when a woman who lives in the next breezeway over (first floor) walked about halfway up our steps. She introduced herself and said she had seen us around and just blatantly asked “where is her mom? I never see her mom, just you”. I was kinda taken aback because

1. it’s none of her business


2. I just met her and didn’t want to discuss personal things regarding my daughter’s mother, especially in front of my daughter.

Anyways, I tell the woman that it’s just me and my daughter and that her mother doesn’t live here. The woman responds “well when does she go visit her mother? She’s always here I feel like”. I ask the woman if there’s a problem and she says “no” but asks again the question of when does my daughter get to go stay with her mom.

I walk away from my daughter and tell her to wait inside the apartment for me. She goes inside. I walk to the top of the stairs and tell the lady “Look, I have sole custody of my daughter. Her mother is not in the picture at all and it’s just me and my daughter. I tell her that I do have a girlfriend who comes over but that she isn’t my daughter’s mother and my daughter does not call her mom.

The woman tells me that I’m wrong to keep my daughter from my ex wife. I tell the woman that the FEMALE judge who gave me custody didn’t think so and that it was none of her business. We go back and forth and it gets pretty heated for a minute and ends with the woman yelling as she walks away “You’re probably just grooming her so you can f*** her”.

I became livid. I ran down the step and got in front of the woman and started screaming at her about how she had NO RIGHT to insinuate such a disgusting thing, how I love my daughter and would never hurt her and how I think she is massive piece of sh*t.

The woman starts yelling and asking “what are you going to do? Hit a woman? Big bad man going to hit a woman? Hit me! Hit me I dare you! Pussy! B**ch! Hit me like you do your daughter.”

I do not hit my daughter. But I came very very very close to beating this woman in broad daylight in my apartment complex after she suggested I did. It took every ounce of self control not to hit this woman.

I tell her she is pathetic and turn to walk back to my apartment and she SPIT on the back of my head and called me a pussy again and as I’m walking she’s yelling “go beat your daughter some more!”

I go back and grab my daughter and head to my apartment buildings main business center to talk with the property manager about what just happened.

As I’m up there talking my neighbor from across the breezeway (not the same lady) comes in and tells the property manager that she saw everything and heard the woman try and egg me on to hit her. My property manager apologized and assures me that she will handle it and talk to the woman.

A few days go by and the property manager calls me in to talk. She tells me the woman’s side of the story. Here it goes.

“I was walking by on my way to the mailbox when I noticed XXXXX and his kid XXXX outside with what I thought was a gun. I’ve seen his truck with the veteran sticker and the gun sticker so I knew he would be the type to give a gun to a child. I walked up the steps to make sure everything was okay and calmly asked where the child’s mother was. He became hostile after sending her inside and told me it was none of my business where she was. I asked again how often does the mother get access to the child and he again became angry and told me that she never sees her because he has custody and that it’s none of my business again. I turned to leave and he chased me down and screamed about how he was going to hurt me and kill me and how his daughter was his property and if I didn’t want to end up hurt or killed then to leave them alone”.

My property manager immediately called bulls**t and told her that my neighbor was a witness as well. The woman then changed her story to “of course she’s going to take his side they are both white!!!”.

I left the property managers office (my kid was still in school when this occurred which is why she wasn’t walking beside me) and as I was headed home I saw some friends of mine that live in the complex hanging out by our grills. I walked over and said hey to a couple of them and we started to chat.

Next thing I know the property manager is calling me back to the office. When I showed up there were police officers in the lobby. The woman called the cops and said that I was abusing and possibly sexually molesting my daughter and that when she confronted me about it I pointed a loaded handgun in her face, which is why she turned and ran from the steps until I chased her down.

My property manager told the cops this was NOT the story she originally told, my neighbor came up there and vouched for me, the crazy lady showed up acting terrified of me and flinching Every time I spoke.

In the end I volunteered to let an officer come into my apartment (I wanted to clear my name so I suggested he come look around). Not only did he find nothing in my apartment to back up her story, my handgun was at my mother’s house and had been because my stepdad wanted to take it to the range and try it out. I didn’t even have a Handgun in my apartment.

Anyways the lady did not go to jail for filing a false police report but she was warned. Few days later she called my apartment manager a “lying white b**ch” and threw something at her so they evicted her.

Anyways, theres the worst experience I’ve had due to being a single father

Source: Reddit

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