Smart Couple Catered Their Wedding Entirely With Food Waste.

OK… lemme ask you a question. How excited would you be to attend a wedding reception where all the food….was expired?? Gotta say, I probably would NOT be all that gung-ho about it myself and bring a brown paper bag of… something…. that had not expired yet.

But Seigo and Romilde Robinson are definitely NOT ME…. They made it a point to have the U.K. charity Foodcycle Cambridge cater their reception with all food that had gone past it expiration date on the shelf.

They did it specifically to be as environmentally friendly as possible. And in doing so, they saved a fortune on the reception’s food cost, with each plate costing around 7 and a half pounds.

Their total savings, they figure, was about 10,000 pounds. That’s a lot of savings. The leftovers from the reception were taken and distributed at a homeless shelter.

The couple also opted for second-hand wedding clothes, rings and decorations. All wedding gifts were donations to charities. And they finished the night with a Silent Disco.

I had to look that one up… interesting… so you should do the same…. and be sure to invite me when you have one. As long as it’s not… expired.

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