Soldiers In Que To Repay The Old Woman At The Hospital.

Sometime ago back, at Fort Hood, Texas, Elizabeth Laird made it her mission to hug every soldier she possibly could before they went off to war.

It is believed she hugged an estimated 500,000 soldiers for luck before they left. And for all that, she was known as “The Hug Lady.”

But in mid-November of 2015, Elizabeth, at 83 years old, was hospitalized after her breast cancer started spreading to her bones. When soldiers found out, they started lining up at her hospital door, each wanting to give her a hug. Hundreds of thousands of them showed up.

Retired Army Staff Sgt. Edmond Clark was one of the soldiers she hugged years ago, and he showed up at her hospital room to return the hug. “I love you so much,” he told her, as tears rolled down his cheek. “I just had to come and see you.”

Sadly, Elizabeth lost her battle with cancer a month later, on Christmas Eve.

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