Stranger’s RUDE Comment Seeing The Young Mother’s Stretch Mark At The Pool.

Body shaming others is cruel and mean. But people seem to do it all the time, and here are 10 body shaming stories that went viral.

1. Lexi Sinclair could have easily blasted a woman she got into a conversation with at poolside. But she kept her cool when the woman, initially asking Lexi typical questions about her young son there, said that the men around the pool would feel more comfortable if Lexi was in a one-piece bathing suit, instead of the bikini that she was wearing.

This was Lexi’s response to that: ‘I’m proud of my body. In just one year I’ve gained 50 pounds, and lost 37. I’ve grown a human and given birth to a beautiful miracle. My body provided food for my child. So, no, my body might not be the best sight for other men to see. My stretch marks and tummy pudge might not be sexy. But they’re proof that I’ve done something amazing, and I have a man that loves me and finds me even sexier and more beautiful now. To be honest, I don’t give a tiny rats ass what other men think. Have a nice day though.’ ”

2. 33-year-old Tanis of Alberta, Canada, was enjoying a day at the beach with her two of her five children. And because she wore a bikini that exposed her stretch marks, she was targeted by three teen boys with some very insensitive and cruel remarks, like “that’s nasty… disgusting… and gross…” It upset her. A lot.

So later that evening she posted photos of her belly and wrote: “I’m sorry if my first attempt at sun tanning in a bikini in public in 13 years ‘grossed you out’. I’m sorry that my stomach isn’t flat and tight. I’m sorry that my belly is covered in stretch marks.

I’m NOT sorry that my body has housed, grown, protected, birthed and nurtured FIVE fabulous, healthy, intelligent and wonderful human beings. I’m sorry if my 33 year old, 125 lb body offended you so much that you felt that pointing, laughing, and pretending to kick me.

But I’ll have you know that as I looked at your ‘perfect’ young bodies, I could only think to myself ‘what great and amazing feat has YOUR body done?’. I’ll also have you know that I held my head high, unflinching as you mocked me, pretending that what you said and did had no effect on me; but I cried in the car on the drive home.

Thanks for ruining my day. It’s people like you who make this world an ugly hateful place. I can’t help but feel sorry for the women who will one day bear your children and become ‘gross’ in your eyes as their bodies change during the miraculous process of pregnancy. I can only hope that one day you’ll realize that my battle scars are something to be proud of, not ashamed of.”

Tanis’ post was viewed by more than a million people, with nearly all of them being very supportive of her.

3. Shauna Arocho was on a diet… had been for some time now and had lost a bunch of weight, like 120 pounds. But… still… she was often bullied about her weight.

One day Shauna decided to go out and have a nice treat with her husband as Dairy Queen was having a free ice cream cone day. This one indulgence, she thought, was something she would give herself after all this time of dieting.

As she was sitting outside the DQ enjoying her treat, a car full of young men stopped in the middle of the road, rolled down their windows and yelled, “Eat that ice cream, you fat b*tch.”….

Shauna was destroyed inside. Those guys had no idea how hard she had worked to lose weight… always trying to stay positive and always seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. But their hateful comments tore into heart. And she cried.

But later, she made a video about it, and asked a very simple question, saying: “I just don’t understand what people get out of tearing other people down. What do you get out of making me cry for the last fifteen or twenty minutes? What do you get out of it?”

Woman shares the emotional effect of fat shaming

Shauna Arocho was fat shamed while eating an ice cream cone and wants bullies to understand the effects it has on others!

Posted by I Heart My Body on Wednesday, 29 March 2017

4. In Louisiana, Rachel was shopping with her husband at Old Navy. Then, standing next to her, a teen girl picks up a plus-sized tank top and shows it to her mom. They both laugh, and the mom says her daughter and a friend could both fit in that top.

Well Rachel had to run out to her car with her husband to cry, and she wondered by people have to be so cruel. Then, after she pulled herself together, she went back into Old Navy with her husband and bought that top, because, in her words: “I look fierce in it!”

5. When Allison Kimmey told her kids that pool time was over and they had to go home, her young daughter pouted and called her mom “fat.”

When they got home, Allison had a talk with her kids, telling them that no one is fat, but everyone HAS fat to protect their muscles and bones and give them energy. She told them that fat is not a bad word but they cannot call people fat as an insult. And her children understood.

6. Mel Rymill was a former derby skater, and she was strong. Then she got pregnant and had a baby, having to skip out on all the strenuous exercise it takes to stay strong.

So she went to a personal trainer to get her strength back. He made the mistake of saying, “Obviously, you want to get back to your pre-baby weight.”

No. Mel wanted her strength back, not a specific number on the scale. So Mel posted about the incident in what she called her granny panties and nursing bra and said, “My body is amazing. It allows me to do amazing things.”

And Mel never went back to that personal trainer.

7. Kelly was shopping at Target with her newborn daughter when a woman approached her and asked those typical question about her child. Then the woman asked Kelly if she had heard of It Works. Kelly said she had and the woman handed her a card detailing it because she apparently worked for the company. She Knew Kelly was dealing with after-birth weight so that’s why she approached her.

Kelly went home and posted about it on her Facebook, and asked that people like this woman stop pressuring people like her in postpartum.

Says Kelly: Can we PLEASE start bucking the system and start praising each other for being the amazing, life giving, creation-birthing vessels that we are?”

8. When mother-of-two Charli was at her grocery store in Columbus, Ohio, she noticed a woman in her 50s kept looking at her. Finally, the woman walked up to Charli and said, “I think your clothes are a little too small on you.”

Charli was wearing a red zip top and some leggins. Charli said “Excuse me?” and the woman repeated what she said. Charli started crying, and the woman said, “I’m not trying to be mean but maybe just reconsider your outfit before leaving your house from now on.”

Charli quickly left the store, went home and posted about the experience. Charli asked: “How are people so rude?” She went on to say: “It’s no secret that I’ve gained weight throughout life. I’ve birthed two kids so it’s bound to happen. Do I realize I’m overweight? Yes. Do I want to be smaller? Yes. But am I okay with the way I look? Yes!”

9. Australian journalist Sarah Harris is co-host of Studio 10, and the paparazzi published pictures of her when she was pregnant and leaving a restaurant without makeup and dressed casually. Many went online to criticize her appearance with hateful comments. Huge, fat and ugly were only some of those terrible comments.

So Sarah got on her show and talked about it, saying “Bugger it. I’m growing a baby. This is me, this is how I get around once I leave work. I take off my pretty frocks, the heavy make-up and the hair. That’s what I look like, and it’s OK.” Then to the haters, she said they can just get stuffed.

10. Boston educator Kara Waite learned that her friend’s 8-year-old daughter was being made fun of in school because of her weight. Her weight was even being cruelly talked about by her teachers and even her doctor.

So Kara posted about it on Facebook, saying it was an extreme lack of sensitivity on the part of the doctor and the teachers, as well as her insecure peers. Kara advised all of them to “Love her as she is. Accept her exactly as she is. Fill her up with love and like and acceptance so she doesn’t learn to get it from cookies and Doritos and sundaes and pizza. Love her exactly as she is. Accept her exactly as she is. Like her, too, and let her know it.”

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