Stray Dog Crashes At A Wedding And Sleeps On The Bride Veil.

Typical wedding crashers seem to be obnoxious freeloaders. But when Matheus and Marilia got married in Brazil they experienced something quite different. As it turned out, nasty, rainy weather forced the couple to move the planned outdoor ceremony to inside a big tent that was set up for the reception.

When all the guests were taking their seats and the wedding was about to begin, in walked a stray dog with very muddy paws. A wedding-goer shooed him out but a few minutes later he was right back inside the tent.

Says Marilia: “As the ceremony started, to everyone’s surprise, it was the dog who came in when the bridal chorus began to play.”

The dog then left again. But a few minutes later, he wandered back in as the couple was exchanging vows, and plopped right down to take a nap on… of all places… the end of the bride’s long veil.

Instead of getting angry, as some might, the couple embraced their new furry friend, and let him stay for the entire reception. And they even gave him some food for being such a good boy. After that, the couple decided they wanted to adopt the animal and make him a part of their new family. They named him Snoop.

Says Marilia: “[Snoop] is adapting very well to his new routine. He is very playful, needy and caring. We are so happy with him.”

And so goes the story of a not-so-typical wedding crasher.

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