Toughest Gangster Dedicates His Life To Feeding Homeless Dogs.

Tim Ward, having all sorts of tattoos, was known as Australia’s toughest gangster. He was a loan shark and made millions. Then, after becoming a police target, he moved to Thailand. And soon after, Tim’s life began to change, and so did his dedication.

He started caring for animals. He would spend hours every night walking the streets of Pattaya, giving meat to all the stray dogs and cats he would run into. He has become something of an animal welfare warrior.

Aside from help feed the animals, Tim started looking out for the children roaming the city’s dangerous streets. He even rents rooms for moms and their children to spend nights in, and buys food and teddy bears for the little ones.

Says Tim: “Animals and kids cannot always take care of themselves so they need someone looking out for them.”

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