Woman Admiring Flowers Gets An Overwhelming Surprise From The Gardner.

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I was standing in the conservatory at the Bellagio a few days ago, it was just getting light out. (I live in Las Vegas and sometimes if I want to explore the area, I do it in the wee hours of the morning when the tourists are not around.) I wanted to see what new design they came up with for spring…

While standing there, an older gentleman that was there planting some small shrubs came up to me and handed me this beautiful and perfect rose. It absolutely melted my heart. The fact that he saw me standing there, alone, admiring his work and felt the urge to be sweet and bring me a flower is just so heart warming. I thanked him twice and it set the tone for a wonderful mood the rest of the day.

So simple and little, I’m grateful to be amidst good humans and so I share this in honor of the kind hearted gesture I received from that sweet gardner that obviously enjoys his job and seeing people happy. If only he knew how much it meant to me. 💛🌹🥰

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