Woman Saves Butterfly In The MOST AMAZING WAY EVER.

As rough as this big old world can be, there are many acts of kindness out there. And many have to do with small critters, and here are 10 stories of acts of kindness to the little ones.

1. Before Romy’s mom died 20 years ago, she told her daughter, “whenever you see a butterfly, know that I’m there with you, and that I love you.”

So, naturally, Romy is going to have a great fondness for butterflies. She found a butterfly that had injured its wing, so Romy took it in and “operated” on it.

She had lots of instruments to use and collected a wing from a butterfly that had died recently. And with a little healing and patience, that butterfly flew again.

2. A wolf spider had a bunch of sticky stuff stuck to his feet, but one unnamed guy in a video painstakingly uses an X-acto knife to remove as much of it as he can.

Strangely, the spider allows him to do it.

3. Wherever 12-year-old Vadim goes, Abi, the sparrow, follows. Vadim, of Russia, found the sparrow just after she hatched, and she was abandoned.

So Vadim took the bird to his grandmother’s house, where he fed and nurtured her…. and named her Abi. Now, Abi will sit on his shoulder and eat out of his hand.

And she stays as close to Vadim as she can. He’s the only real parent she knows.

4. In Israel, someone accidentally stepped on a snail and broke its shell.

But a nearby group of staff members at veterinary clinic in Tel Aviv took it in and repaired its shell.

They also named him Chevy, and Chevy was soon treated to some fresh veggies. Wait till he tells his friends…. just wait…. and wait….

5. A family in Finland came across an injured red squirrel one day. At first, family members thought it was dead, but then it started to move a little and they realized it was blind in one eye.

They kept it, and named him Arttu. They fed him nuts, fruits, berries and mushrooms and soon he regained his health, but his vision remained weak.

He lived with the family for six years and was extremely tame and friendly. Arttu died back in 2013 of old age, but the family has nothing but good memories of him.

6. Rick Woodall of Windsor was a volunteer wildlife rescue pilot back in 2013. A snapping turtle, later to be named Porter, was found on a roadside with a scraped shell and severe damage to his jaws. He was beyond the care of a local clinic, so Rick got the call that the turtle needed to be transported to a specialist quite a distance away.

It was Rick’s first job with the rescue team. So he picked up the turtle and flew it for just over an hour to a facility in Petersborough. Rick was praised for his goodness of heart in getting the injured turtle somewhere where the staff could help it.

7. In Australia, a laughing kookaburra bird was on the brink of death when an unnamed man found it. He tried repeatedly to do mouth-to-mouth on the bird, and massaged its chest, but no luck.

Then he gave it a quick shot into its mouth from an air compressor, and like magic, that bird was up and running. The man was thrilled that his efforts paid off…. and so are we.

8. On a chilly New Year’s Day in Idaho, Nelson Miller came across a small bird stuck on a bar after the bird got its feet wet.

Nelson tried to gently pick it up, but it was definitely stuck. So he started blowing hot air at its feet to melt the icy grip the bar had on it.

Soon, its feet came off the bar and it flew away. And for Nelson… and the bird… it was a good day.

9. An unnamed man said a neighbor’s cat brought a helpless baby bird to his doorstep one day. He tried nursing the bird back to health but the baby refused to eat.

After he warmed up the bird, he came up with an idea. He recorded a bird chirping in a nearby birdhouse and played the recording back near the baby bird.

The bird, named Pete, then opened its mouth and accepted food from the man.

10. Corey Hancock was doing some hiking on a scenic trail in Oregon when he spotted what looked like a lifeless baby black bear. Corey checked to see if it was alive. It was… but just barely. He gave it mouth-to-mouth and pushed on its chest. And finally, it started breathing normal again. So Corey walked with the baby bear in his arms for two miles, then drove it to a wildlife center near Salem.

They took care of the bear there, but Corey found himself in a lot of trouble, with officials saying he could spend a year in jail and be fined $6,000 for disturbing the wildlife, whether it’s living or dying. Corey escaped with a warning but even given the threat of jail and a fine… he said he’d do it all over again.

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